ISO-TEL 250TI: What is it?

4 instruments in 1:

  • Universal Insulation Tester and continuity tester designed specifically for the Telecoms and Network Cable testing markets

Insulation measurements up to 20 GΩ with 50, 100, 250V, DC test voltages and display of insulation test current​. Measuring insulation limited to 250V for added operators and new sensitive electronic's safety.

  • Industry Standard Multimeter True RMS

Voltage measurement with 2V/20V/200V/600V ranges for DC, AC and true RMS readings with frequency measurement up to 1000Hz​

  • Capacitance and cable length measurement

2/20/200/2000/4000nF (4 μF) ranges, with direct read out of cable length in metres or feet​

  • User capacity measurement

Determination of the load applied to the telephone line by means of a special capacity measuring of up to 10 μF​



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