AV Tecnologie is looking for trading partners in order to export ISO-TEL 250 TI, co-enginereed with Fluke, abroad.

Becoming our trading partner does not mean becoming a mere seller, but being an important part of our team.

We cooperate all together to offer each customer the maximum possible satisfaction and assistance over time.

What we offer:

- A customised instrument for Telecommunications

- A specific product for Telecom's Assurance and Delivery

- Excellent price/quality ratio (30% less than a general-purpose product)

- Guaranteed Fluke quality

- Provided technical assistance

- AV Tecnologie has more than 20 years experience in the field of electronic for telecommunications.

If you want to be our trading partner in your Country, contact us and our staff will answer you as soon as possible for further information.

AV Tecnologie Srl P.IVA11415771002​  
Via del Pratone 142
00046 Grottaferrata RM
    +39 06 941 00 71
    +39 335 68 90 930  
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